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About Fuzhong 15

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“Fuzhong 15” is the first themed film theater to offer cartoons and documentary films in Taiwan. It is divided into the New Taipei City Documentary Cinema and the New Taipei City Animation House. “The New Taipei City Documentary Cinema” is the first venue in Taiwan exclusively for playing documentary films and was opened to the public in January of 2011.  Located at the basement of Fuzhong 15, it offers quality documentary films, after-film discussions, promotional activities, collections of documentaries, promotional courses from its workshop, and activities where documentary film workers may share and exchange their experience and ideas.


“The New Taipei City Animation House” is the first “experiencing house” focused on animation.  A custom-made, animation-playing castle for adults and children was opened to the public in April of 2012,.  Located on the 2nd to the 8th floors of Fuzhong 15, it has an exclusive animation exhibition space, video-library as well as activity rooms.  Through various interactive devices in the exhibition, the staff have organized many interactive activities, allowing people to get to know the process of animation making while peeking at the process of how creators get their ideas, how to design, produce, modify, edit an animation as well as the behind-the-screen scenes, and to experience first-hand the passion for animation creating so that next time when they watch an animation, they would have much more different thoughts than before as if they were actually in that fantasy world of the animation.  With the exhibition of the videos, diverse experience courses and educational resources, staff at the Fuzhong 15 hope that once people walk into the animation house, they are not only offered great stories but also will be able to tell their own stories with ease.


B1 Documentary Cinema


This cinema is established in December of 2011 and plays mainly documentaries. It plays documentary films and art movies all the time for nurturing film-goers for documentary films on a long-term basis and scooping new talent and works done from the angle of caring for society through a special mechanism of releasing video/audio works while serving as a platform for new documentary releases and documentary film workers to exchange their experience and ideas and to serve as an important base for film workers to share their stories.


1F Artco café/ Entrance


Promotional materials for the latest exhibitions are provided.  Citizens may obtain the latest art/cultural exhibition updates here. A simple dining space is offered so that people may enjoy a peaceful art and cultural time there.  You are always welcome to enjoy a cup of coffee in a relaxing afternoon, whether to chat with friends or to ponder things alone.


2F Kids Animation Playground


“Fuzhong 15 Kids Animation Playground” is an interactive learning space especially designed for kids under the age of 10.  It is based on an abundance of animation history, fundamental principles, techniques, and aesthetic knowledge to design various devices that allow kids to get to know animation through playing games and exploring so that they may experience the charms of animation happily.


3F-5F Exhibition Rooms


It is a multi-purpose exhibition space where various animation-related themed exhibitions are organized and held on a flexible schedule.  In the rooms, citizens may enjoy the amazing video/audio works however they want.  Fuzhong 15 welcomes people to bring their friends to experience the charms of videos/images unique to New Taipei City.


6F Classroom


This is an open-space classroom with multiple spaces that can be used for different activities.  Workshops or activities related to animation and videos are held regularly for the public to get together to learn or share.


7F Administrative Office


Administrative offices in charge of various related business.


8F Film & Animation Reading Room


This is the first animation-themed reading room that collects well-known animations, documentaries, film images and books from all over Taiwan. The collections are updated from time to time. Open-space reading areas and individual video spaces are available where the public may watch films or read books free of charge and enjoy the creative thoughts of the films. 

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